Anger is a natural response to various situations, events, thoughts or feelings…

anger…but,it can sometimes become uncontrollable and excessive, having a negative impact on you, as well as your professional and personal relationships. Excessive and prolonged anger can also take a tremendous toll on your health. 


> Do you find yourself becoming angry often and easily?
> Does your partner and family describe you as having a ‘short fuse’, or ‘hot headed’?
> Are you having difficulty in your relationships because of your anger?
> Are your children afraid of your anger?
> Have you ever been involved in a physical fight or damaged property because you were angry?
> Do you have legal issues because of your anger?
> Do you often lose your temper in traffic, or with ‘stupid’ people?


Whether anger has been a short term or lifelong issue for you, I can work with you to first identify the way your anger uniquely operates, and then provide you with a variety of techniques to help you manage your anger.  Because anger can be a secondary emotion, I will also work with you on discovering the underlying emotions that are being expressed as anger. Sometimes, anxiety, sadness, guilt or other emotions can be hidden underneath angry feelings. Anger can also serve as an internal “GPS system” in disguise. When viewed consciously and mindfully it may be providing information or a signal that a change or shift in one’s life is needed.

The goal of Anger Management is not to eliminate anger, but rather transform it from an unhealthy, unconscious and automatic reaction, to a place of empowerment; where you can utilize your anger in a healthy, productive and conscious way.

To talk about how anger management counseling might help you - give me a call.