Most people during the course of their lifetime will experience some form of depression or anxiety.

pierSometimes it will be short lived and for others a more chronic condition. Furthermore, unconscious thinking often fuels depression and anxiety. Working together, I can help you overcome these debilitating feelings.






Anxiety is a way for our body to tell us that something is wrong, that we may be in danger. Everybody experiences anxiety. For some, anxiety can turn into excessive worry about health, the future, or general well-being. Others experience anxiety only in specific situations such as in public settings, flying, driving, or when in closed spaces. Sometimes anxiety is felt as physical symptoms (tightness, sore muscles, stomach distress) or panic attacks. I can help you learn ways to manage and reduce your anxiety, providing much needed relief.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety may include:

> Constant worrying and nervousness
> Obsessive thinking and over analyzing
> Feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to go about your daily activities
> Difficulty in paying attention, being present, or remembering things
> Panic attacks
> Being constantly preoccupied about the future or the past
> Hypervigilance

I will work together with you to treat these anxiety symptoms and the negative impact that they may be having on your life and general well-being.


Depression can make you feel overwhelmed, angry, alone and down. It can also make it harder to do the very things that help to alleviate depression. By developing tools to cope with the symptoms of depression and gaining insight into the underlying causes, you can begin to lift the veil of sadness and participate in, and more fully enjoy life, again.

Symptoms of depression include:

> Isolation and withdrawal from others
> Fatigue and decreased energy
> Feelings of guilt, pessimism, hopelessness, and/or helplessness
> Feelings of Sadness or emptiness
> Changes in sleep or appetite patterns
> Irritability, restlessness
> Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
> Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems
> Thoughts of harming yourself and/or plans to take your life

Whether dealing with depression has been a short or long-term issue, I can assist you in understanding your feelings and how they manifest in your daily life. Together, we will explore the underlying causes or patterns of your depression and understand how they may be affecting you today. You will gain insight into ways of overcoming depression. Ultimately, I will encourage you to view depression as a temporary not a life long problem. IMany of us carry our wounds and trauma around around as chronic sadness and just can’t seem to find a way out…


There is a way out and I will work with you to find your path.