Life Really is All About Relationships.

flowersThey are everywhere. We exist in them at all times. We want them, we need them, and sometimes we hate them and are afraid of them. A relationship is about connection and attachment. Sometimes relationships nourish us and sometimes they deplete us, and often, the ones we have the most stake in, can feel distressing and become a source of pain.

In marriage or with a significant relationship, people often wait too long to call for help. In my practice, I provide both couples therapy and individual sessions revolving around relationships.

Often, problems feel so deep and overwhelming, it is very hard to reach out. But working through issues and, learning to understand how we all make assumptions about what the other person means, or how they feel, can lead to a reconnection and ultimately a deepening of the relationship. Every relationship goes through periods where there needs to be negotiation. This involves taking the risk to know and say what you feel, want and need. I can help you make your way through these difficult situations.

Blended Families.

There are times when couples come to me because they are forming a relationship and have children from a previous relationship. I work with these couples to focus on their partnership while also managing the parenting challenges involved when blending families.

Co-Parenting When Seperating

Sometimes couples come to me who no longer want to work on their relationship and want help with separating. Often there are children involved and separating parents want to know how to develop an effective co-parenting relationship despite the fact that they have decided to separate or divorce. I can help you with the process of separation and the development of co-parenting agreements.


Other couples come to see me who are considering making a deeper commitment to live their lives together. They want to work on how to negotiate the differences between them. I can help you and your prospective partner to know one another better and work through any issues of concern prior to making that deeper commitment.


If Couples Therapy is of interest to you, feel free to call me to discuss various therapy options.