Work can occupy our thoughts and psychological energy even when we’re not directly working

worklifeOur work and career can provide us with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, but it can also trigger feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, even anxiety and incompetence. In addition, we sometimes find ourselves involved in relationships with co-workers, subordinates, or with our boss that are full of conflict and misunderstanding. At other times we feel stymied in our careers and wonder if we should make a change.

Sometimes we feel a conflict between our work and our feelings and responsibilities to our family. We may feel pressure from our families to spend less time working and more time focused on family activities. This pressure can often lead to conflict with our partner/spouse. It may leave us feeling guilty and wondering about our priorities.

Therapy can be a place for you to explore all of these issues, and more, and come to understand them in a deeper way. This process of exploration and understanding will lead you to seeing how you can make different choices and achieve different, more effective outcomes for yourself. These may include how to set meaningful boundaries around work that allow you to feel successful professionally, interpersonally, and financially; how to better understand the nature of problematic relationships at work and what to do about them; what to do about being in a job or career that causes you to feel unfulfilled, etc.

I can help you identify the path to a more satisfying experience at your work and a more successful work / life balance